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Tech Training Program

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On Job Students

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PKR 50K+

Average Salary

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PKR 10.5 Million+

Monthly Collective Earning

What is IEC Training Program?

Accelerated Hiring

Project Based Learning

World Class Faculty

Professional Development

Being from a medical background, it seemed tough to get into technology. But IEC helped me get through the Tech Training program and now I am an aspiring data analyst. IEC helps you, guides you and takes you on a journey to learn new skills with ease. Join IEC and become part of your life changing career.

Picture of Fatima Riaz

Fatima Riaz


I graduated from a University but was jobless and struggling to get a career path. Then I found IEC which boosted my confidence and got me skills into web development. Now I am happily employed and growing my career. IEC gives you the launchpad for your tech career.

Picture of Syed Muneeb Shah

Syed Muneeb Shah


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